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Boblpadel racket reviews

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Our top padel rackets

We wanted to give a BoblPadel view on our top padel rackets for sale.

We take into account the costs, the composition, the feel and looks.

Varlion Summum Junior

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a Varlion maxima junior padel racket

We like this kids padel racket which has been so thoughtfully designed, from the neutral colouring to the elongated handle allowing for two handed shots. It is sold as 7-11 year olds but that really depends on the child. It could be wielded by older children as they develop into single handed players. It’s use of fibreglass in a round shape means control is high and lightness is paramount.

Technifibre Wallbreaker

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a Tecnifbre wallbreaker 365 padel racket

A lower priced padel racket that gives power the upperhand. The D bridge at the throat of the racket increases rigidity and allows the racket to accept harder shots without flexing. This sort of power is normally found at a much higher price level. Designed for attacking players at the net, you can see the serve and volley padel tennis players out there loving this racket. It doesn’t disappoint in the control area either. We really like the graphics and colour scheme which is eye catching to say the least.

Kelme Felina

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a kelme felina padel racket

Manufactured with women in mind, this padel racket is light due to the Fibreglass frame. It contains a great Ultra soft EVA core which helps reduce any vibrations. Specifically designed for control, it’s price is competitive in the female market for this level of performance. The fuschia and aqua colours are not done justice on the internet. They really pop in the sunlight.

Royal Padel M27 Poly

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a royal padel M27 Poly padel racket

This padel racket is a stealth bomber, it looks rather understated but that illusion is broken the moment you hit the ball. The sound is brilliant, it explodes off the face and opponents want to know what the hell is going on. Tie that in with great control, enormous power and a grip that I find impossible to explain how good it is, all amounts to a great padel racket. The price could be the only stumbling block but then again, in padel as in life, you get what you pay for.

Sane Impronta 5.3 HCT

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a Sane impronta HCT 5.3 padel racket

The impronta 5.2 was a well loved racket but the 5.3 improves upon its older sibling. With a hybrid core that absorbs vibration well and gives that perfect mix of power and control this racket is moving up into the high intermediate range. Designed to tick a lot of boxes for a consistent player hitting a variety of shots and playing 8-10 times a month. The mix of fibreglass and carbon in the frame gives lightness and strength. It fills a space for the perfect mix when your playing is not split into defensive or attacking duties yet. The colours are bold and the logo unmissable.

Drop Shot Capture

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a dropshot capture padel racket

The Drop Shot Capture is a great beginners racket and our lowest priced adult racket.

It is among the best padel racket for beginners due to the large sweet spot from the round head. With a rough surface to aid spin production straight from day one, We really feel this is an affordable padel racket for the newcomer to the sport of padel tennis.

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