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What is boblpadel?

two men enjoying playing padel

Boblpadel is what we would want from an online store, a good range of padel equipment at the best prices and information to help us play, whether that is location, rules, or a compilation of the best coaching videos and tips from the padel playing world. 

We think Boblpadel ought to be doing something good rather than just pile them high and sell them quick. 

Our view is this sport is the future, but the future is a tricky place to exist. We think the only way to protect that future is to find ways to be ethical, whether that is in customer service, the rackets or packaging.

We will offer you the best customer service we can because we feel trust is incredibly important in this day and age of faceless businesses. Are we the prettiest people in the world, probably not, but we think it’s important to put a face to the business and so we decided we ought to be visible on the website. We are real people who love padel.

Boblpadel is a small business and we want to keep our customers for a long time so if you have a question then please ask. If the answer to your query isn’t immediate, we can only apologise but promise that when it does come, you will definitely like it.

With regards to rackets and the environment what we cannot do is change the manufacturing process although we constantly work to bring you the best green products we can.

what is boblpadel
What is Padel Tennis
boblpadel owners happy


We both started playing Padel a few years ago and, together with several close friends, fell in love with the game instantly.

We’d all played squash, badminton and tennis at varying levels, but it was the simplicity, speed and social side of the game that got us hooked.


We were soon fighting over the spaces for the regular weekly games and since then we can’t get enough.


We loved the game so much we wanted to help people get into Padel and Boblpadel was soon born.


We are seriously passionate about the game and both with families, want to encourage young people to take up the game.  We are also very conscious of the environment and will consider the impact on all decisions and the future of Boblpadel.

How are we being responsible?

We are continually striving to be responsible for all our decisions.

The items below show what we are currently working on


Boblpadel are committed to using sustainable packaging and we adopt the three R's (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) principle in everything we do. You will notice the packing you receive is recyclable and can be reused if you are returning an old racket for our ‘Padel For Schools’ Scheme or a return.

We are very aware of the environmemtal issues so we will ensure we are continually looking for the most environmentally friendly products available and will bring them to you as quickly as possible.

cardboard box with eco friendly logo
padel balls sitting in grass
What can we do better?

We think spreading happiness pays back.


Padel brings joy to everyone who plays it and we want to help bring a little joy to the process of buying a racket too, from you choosing the correct one to ensuring it arrives on time and performs as it should.


This leads to a happy customer and happiness breeds happiness. Along the way we will look after our employees and work with manufacturers to bring you the best rackets we can while looking at ways to ensure we have the correct ethics when it comes to our planet.

From a business perspective this approach makes sense.

We unashamedly want to sell you a racket and then sell your kids a racket and then sell their kids a racket.

We cannot do this if all we want to do is make a quick buck.

We truthfully mean it when we say, if you don’t like something then tell us. Review us, so we can make a change. Nothing is perfect, but it’s the striving to be better that makes us human. You can make a difference by telling us what we can do differently.


We will guarantee not to throw away usable returned equipment and pledge to give it to the Padel for Schools scheme. 

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